What’s your wish & what is the obstacle?

I wish for the world to be a kinder and gentler place. I wish for all people to be treated equally, or at the very least valued in equal measure.

My wish is to connect with women who want to change the status quo.

I wish for women to bear witness to each others stories so that healing and change can begin.

My obstacle is my introverted nature.

I’d really rather be alone painting, writing, and generally enjoying solitude. However, I realize that connection and change can only happen when people connect with one another. That’s what lead me to watch the following TEDx talk. If Isolation is a dream killer, then what is the solution?

For me, connection happens through research and painting and writing—all jumbled in my own private universe. Imagining utopia of my own creation. Maybe you see this in the work I create? Maybe you think I ought to get out more and interact with the world?

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2019, Marching Orders, painting on wood with mixed media collage, 48 x 24 inches. $3600

I am strangely grateful for this time with the COVID-19 self isolation recommendations. At the same time, I honestly hope this does not last a long time and I hope that the spread of the disease becomes less and less furious.

Ok, either way—staying in or going out. I know that connection outside of my internal world—will move me closer to my dreams and wishes—eventually! What is your wish and what is the obstacle? Can I help? If not me, then who?

These are such great questions! Let’s reach out and continue to help one another from the phone, internet, and text messaging. Sending my prayers and love into the world.

4 thoughts on “What’s your wish & what is the obstacle?

  1. sunshine

    Suzanne I’m so glad you are back!! I feel the same way about being introverted and also knowing connections (people) matter most. Thank you for reaching out so much. I do want to stay in touch!

  2. Heather W. Ernst

    Yes, “strangely” is a good word for the type of gratitude I have for the isolation we now face during covid-19. I’m hoping to catch up with the world! What I mean, is that my own obstacle is feeling chronically behind, regardless of how I prioritize or how I try and reframe these thoughts. Feeling ready burst out more to the public at more venues and exhibits, the world has rebuffed me in an effort to strengthen my value of person-to-person connections!
    I respect everything you’re trying to do, Suzanne!


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