Transition, 2015

In 2015, I moved over 800 miles from Orange County to Humboldt County California. In the months and weeks before the move, I prepared for this massive studio relocation by evaluating all the work I had made to date. I sold, gave away, and gifted 100’s of paintings, mixed media, and collages before the move. At the time, I knew a new body of work would emerge. I had faith in my creative journey.

Upon arriving in Arcata, the natural beauty surrounding me filled me with promise and awe. No longer having the desire to work in toxic materials I resorted to my first love as an artist — drawing. I consciously decided to forgo color as well, temporarily. Opting for black ink on Bristol paper for this body of work. Simplifying and minimizing, while still allowing for complexity and intricacy.

In this gallery, what you see is a literal representation of my move made visual. I physically relocated and I also transitioned artistically. Using introspection and intuition as my guide, I drew daily. Many of my drawings have been small postcard sized images that I mailed throughout North America to my loyal followers. By continuing a daily practice, a new idea emerged. Fortunately, I had kept a small number of my encaustic paintings made from 2013-2015. I took these paintings and I made drawings from my own work. Circling back while also moving forward.

To purchase any or all of these drawing, please contact me at: or call/text 541-253-1258. I will send you a PayPal Invoice and ship as soon as humanly possible. These drawings are all listed at $75 each, shipping not included.