The Shhh Book

Currently SOLD OUT of physical copies.*

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The Shhh book, is a collection of stories from women who have been silenced or who chose self-silencing and are a companion to my Shhh, Say Nothing series of paintings.

The final hard cover book is 8.5 x 8.5 inches, full color, with 94 pages!

$65.00 plus Shipping & Handling for USA is $13.00. Please inquire about international shipping rates.

I am very excited to have released this very important work.

Since 2018 I have been working on this, my third book. And now the Shhh book has shipped to customers around the world.

Unlike my previous books this book is a limited edition art book. Only 100 copies will be printed and over 50% are already sold. I do not want you to miss out!

Unlike my other 2 books, this one is full color and includes stories and essays written for me for this project by 24 wonderful women. They each picked up a brave pen (or computer screen) and wrote… they wrote about times in their lives that they remained silent by request or by default.

The stories they share break their silence. This is powerful stuff!

Each story is paired with one of my paintings and gives the reader a perspective into my work that I could not share alone. My paintings can be “read” in many ways, that is why they are organic and abstract portraits. I hope that you too, can imbue your own personal perspective into my work.

In addition to the hard cover book, I am also releasing a digital version of the book for those who prefer to read on a screen. Links to purchase are below.

Digital eBook $34.

Deluxe Digital eBook also available at $37. Includes stickers and a book marker!