Suzanne Gibbs YouTube Channel

Each link below brings you to a Suzanne Gibbs original YouTube video. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel. Thanks for viewing!

August Sketchbook Tour

July Sketchbook Tour

Small Art Series, Suzanne Gibbs

Paint, Draw, and Sketch with Fruit Juice

SG Studio Sketchbook Tour

Suzanne Gibbs ©2015, Dorky Doodle Melon Head. Paper, Ink. 7 x 5 inches.

Day One — Drawing for the FUN Side of the Brain

SBS Thanks

Book Happy Dance

Picture of Conscious Curiosity open on a table.

Here is one video made about Suzanne Gibbs’ Final Thesis MFA Show from Claremont Graduate University. Created by Debbie Thompson.

Suzanne Gibbs 3 Squares A Day