Special Invitation

Hello Dear Art Lovers!

I have been invited to participate in Saturday Night Live Art Shows on March 27th.

You may recall that last year I was a part of a group of artists that went on Social Media on Saturday to talk about our art! Artists joined this movement from all over the world! My friend Booke Harker started the idea.
March 27, 2021 represents one year since the inception of this awesome social plan—bringing art to exactly were people are hanging out these days—on Social Media. Specifically on Facebook and Instagram. Although a few artists also use YouTube.
I will “Go Live” on Instagram on March 27 at 6PM PST. Please join me! Ask questions, make fun of me, make me laugh, or whatever. I am excited to celebrate and talk about my art—with you!
Here is the funny thing. When I was invited I immediately said YES, I’d love to join. I thought about what art I’d like to talk about. I snapped a picture of me with my art. Then, after I sent in the picture above—the work I was planning on talking about…. I realized that poop, I would NOT be in my studio on March 27th! And this painting lives in my studio right now! (Unless you’d like to purchase her!)


Sooooo, my alternate plan is that I will be talking about my art, but the work I will show will be a surprise, because I will be in California where I have work hanging on the walls, but not the one pictured above called, Crowning Glory. Also, it is a rather large 36 x 36 inch painting so I will not be bringing it with me that weekend!
Mark you calendars.

I will Go Live to talk about my Art on Instagram on March 27 at 6PM PST.

My Instagram handle is: @suzannegibbsart

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