Sketchbook Video #29

For the past 3 years I have been sharing the finished pages of my sketchbooks. To share what is on the pages of my sketchbooks feels very vulnerable, mostly because the images on the pages are unfinished and unpolished ideas. I draw, doodle, make patterns, and create collage for myself. My sketchbooks are a form of meditation. They calm me. They are a place for ideas to spill over and make themselves known.

I was unsure when I began making videos of the pages how long I would continue to share my work in this manner. The journey has been super interesting!

Thank you to all of you who have commented and watched!

I think that my next video—video #30—could be my last shared video of my sketchbook pages. This sketchbook is already in progress! However, when and if I stop making videos this does not mean I’d stop filling the pages! Heck no. Also, I adore the accountability of letting my fans know that I have completed yet another book! 😉

Oh gosh, I don’t know! Do you love seeing these?

Enough chatter! Here is the video for you to watch!


One thought on “Sketchbook Video #29

  1. Susan Lindberg

    Hi Suzanne – I have always enjoyed your pattern sketchbooks. Have you ever considered making these patterns into stationary for sets of note papers or cards for people? I still keep a few from 10 years ago to send to friends (though I can be reluctant to give them away!) You continue to amaze me with your prolific creations!


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