Postcard Frenzy

Postcard Frenzy is for anyone who wishes to send more or give more “made by hand” greetings to those they love and cherish. Expect to work fast and messy, let go of pre-concieved expectations of what is “good art.” Allow yourself to intuitively express and enjoy art the way you once did as a five year old.

Starting with a minimum of five blank postcards, let’s make art together!


Bring anything you like from your home studio or workshop: rubber stamps, magazines, ink, stickers, old photographs, stencils, stick-on letters, crayons, markers and more.

Let’s see what we can share with one another Let’s see what we can make. Let’s see how many cards we can get in the mailbox after a few hours of working together in a frenzy!

Postcard Frenzy is not about perfection but connection. Connection to each other as we work and connection to those we reach out to with our fast and frenzied art.

St Patrick's Day, Gold, Rainbow

I don’t know about you, but any time I receive art in the mail, I do not judge the quality—I instead enjoy the gesture. Time for warm and fuzzy frenzy fun!

This is a 2 hour class. For 2-12 students, all supplies included. This class can travel – I will gladly bring supplies and myself to your group or location, just ask (some fees may apply). Please call to schedule your group class today! 707-738-5886.