Personal Artist Residency Program

Beginning on July 1, 2019 and continuing through either end of September or end of October I will be doing an “at home” self-directed artist residency.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2019, Purple Lipped Confusion, painting on wood with mixed media collage, 24 x 24 inches.

The painting above represents the 5th painting in a new series. In order to approach galleries and art representation I need a series of at least 20 pieces.

A full and fully realized body of work is what it takes to “go pro.”

My goal is 30 paintings by October 31st.

During June I nearly finished 3 more in the series that have not been publicly shown, yet on social media or the internet. Here is the math:

30 paintings – 8 complete = 22
22 paintings / 3 months = 7+ per month
22 paintings / 4 months = 5.5 paintings per month

Each painting takes me from 40 to 80 hours to complete.

Possibly 3 to 4 months will not be enough time. Possibly I can step up production. As in any business or undertaking there is always a point at which one must fully commit to the endeavor and see what happens. See what is possible.

I am excited…
…and also a bit panicky.

I have the supplies ready to go for 27 paintings. Most are larger than 14 x 11 inches (the smallest size so far in this series).

A hint hint reminder: I have stickers available for sale—2 for $6 includes shipping. These will help offset a small portion of the supplies costs of this project. If these successfully sellout I will print a new batch from a new painting for August.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2019, Detail of Purple Lipped Confusion with a sticker, painting on wood with mixed media collage, 24 x 24 inches. $2400

4 thoughts on “Personal Artist Residency Program

  1. Cyndy R.

    I wish you the best on your goal! How exciting 🙂 i always wondered how many pieces one would need to try and get into galleries. Is it important that the pieces not be publicly seen yet when you approach galleries, or does that not matter, just that you have enough pieces and that they are a cohesive series? Interesting stuff to learn about 🙂

    1. Suzanne Gibbs Post author

      Hi Cyndy, At my level I think it is OK that I show the pieces before they go to a gallery. What really matters is a substantial and cohesive body of work—if I wish to get representation (and I do). Also, I think it would depend on the gallery/representative/advisor I’d be working with. Collaboration and goodwill is key!

  2. sunshine

    You inspire me Suzanne You inspired me to do Artomat and now i feel inspired again to move forward on more work. Thank you my friend for sharing your journey!


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