Welcome to Suzanne Gibbs Art! One of my favorite things to make is postcard art.

Postcard art lover, YOU have come to the right place to get original collaborative postcard art.

Suzanne Gibbs Collaborative Postcard Art!

Calling one, calling all…

Postcard + Art Lovers!

What if you could get or give Original Art that was made from YOUR favorite image or images? I’ll make your expressed idea into art! I will collaborate with you!

All images and ideas will be honored and executed.

Give yourself (or someone else) the GIFT of original art, made just for you. The work is friendly, open, and not too too precious—Postcard Art!

You send me an image or an idea, and I send you art! Nothing could be simpler!

Shipping Option

This little art can be placed at your kitchen sink, your desk at work, or even framed—it’s up to you! Your postcard art can include hand lettering at your request—I can make you a personalized mantra card. Hummm. Sound good? Sound fun?

For those of you with Instagram accounts go to #sgpostcardart to see examples of past work.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2016, 222 Faces Series, Scuba Mask Face, watercolor on Italian paper, 5 x 5 inches, $50

“You make everyone feel so comfortable even though you are an accomplished artist, and MFA graduate, all pretty impressive, but you are so very kind, caring, approachable and just downright genuinely nice!!!!” –Criss

FAQ — What questions do you have for me?

The unique thing about postcard art is that there are no secrets! Anyone can read the message on the back or the front of the card while the work is on its way to you! The art is a one-of-a-kind, lovingly made original art work that is never pretentious, has no desire to be in a gallery or a museum, or anywhere else—because the art is Just-For-You. Any topic, any image is accepted. Your mom when she was a baby? Sure! Your favorite toy as a child? Sure! Your favorite quote? Of course! Your favorite family photo—funny or not? Yes! I love funny!

I make the postcard art in the order that I receive the orders.

Sometimes you may wait a little while—2 weeks, maybe more—before you get your postcard. Usually I can ship the same day I receive the order!

I always use excellent quality paper—often Fabriano paper from Italy, but not always. Usually the art will be a hand drawn image in ink and watercolor. Sometimes your art will be collage art and paint, we call this mixed media. Sometimes I use crayons or colored pencils!

  1. You’ll need to be okay with the artist, me, imbuing her own flare and artistic flourish.
  2. You need to be okay not knowing what media you might get.
  3. You can be sure that the art you get will be uniquely yours, handmade, dated and signed, and never cookie cutter!

Suzanne Gibbs ©2016, Schedule Wild Idea, paper, pen, watercolor, 4.75 x 4.75 inches, $65

You will also need to be okay with sharing your address with me, because that is the only way I can get your art to you! When you hit buy now and start the process the system will be asking for your address. Only I will see this address, because I run this ship alone.

I can mail you the postcard direct, but should you like a strong cardboard envelope that option is available for an additional $6.

Shipping Option

My 35+ years experience in making art available to you!

Personal connection is my driver. Creating is my life’s work. Collaborating to make postcard art is a win-win—you get art, I get to know you, just a little bit through the process of working together.

I have a BFA in Design and an MFA in Studio Art. Basically this means that the educational system and 2 very good schools have conferred that I am a Fine Artist. Indeed, I DO make fine art—but not for the world, I make the work for you!

Is your heart is calling for some small, well crafted fine art that is personal and that you can hold closely in your hands and enjoy knowing it was made just for you, right now, this week?

SG Postcard Art is small. Personal. Original art.

Typically the cards are 5 x 3.5 inches, 6 x 4 inches, 6.75 x 4.5 inches, or 4.75 x 4.75 inches. You’ll need to trust me to make the right size art for you. No matter what size I choose, the art is the same price, a very affordable $9! You CAN order as many as you like and display these in multiples or give them as gifts, I am 100% OK with this approach, you might need to be a little bit patient with me when ordering in multiples because it is just me making these one at a time in my studio.

The price of $9 is my initial offering price!

Once I have reached 100 shipped postcards the price will multiply to a price that is more inline with how long these take to make and the materials that go into making them.

I am supremely excited to start shipping the first 100 postcards NOW! Let’s get started and working together to make your special one-of-a-kind postcard art.

Shipping Option

I am pretty sure you’ll love your art! However, in case you are not 100% satisfied, here is my guarantee: I will make you a second piece of art so that we can get it right. I want 100% happy satisfied art collectors, nothing else is enough. I want you to love your postcard art.

Grab Bag Postcard Art

Grab bag postcard art is for those of you who DO NOT want to collaborate, but you DO want postcard art from Suzanne Gibbs. For only $4 you’ll get Original Postcard Art that I make and pick for you from stock and supplies on hand!

Get your Grab Bag Postcard Art Using the Button Below

(not to be mistaken with customized art above, these are not seconds or rejects, they are simply not collaborative work—you get what you get and don’t through a fit. No returns. No re-dos.)

Shipping Options


Please help me to reach more people. When you get your art, take a selfie, and tag the work on Instagram #suzannegibbsart or #sgpostcardart much love to you!

Thank you for your order.