new old stuff—my books!

My books are once again available on Amazon!

Maybe you never noticed that they disappeared. But I did! How awful it was to do the work, and then no longer have the work exist. I worried I would never again be able to get copies printed. I worried the work no longer mattered.

But my work does matter, and so do I!

So, I got to work. Here is what happened, the company Create Space, where I originally published the books, was bought by Amazon. Poof! The books no longer exist. I did not get notices of the change because an older email address was used to notify me of the changes. Unless I was willing to jump through hoops to re-establish them as my work, they would be forever … gone.

Two weeks, 4 phone calls, and 8 emails was all it took. My books are alive once again! And the prices have been reduced just a little…

Conscious Curiosity can be found here.

My Year of Separation is here.

Please help me celebrate. Conscious Curiosity was published 4 years ago and My Year of Separation was published one year ago!

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