Nature to Abstract

From nature to abstract is a beautiful way to discover new patterns in nature and in your own power of observation. Beginning with a small piece of nature (shells, bugs, rocks, bones, nests, sticks) we will draw the item from every angle imaginable; even using a magnifying glass.

We will search for what part of the object most interests us and draw this small part in as much detail as possible. Each time we re-draw the detail we will be looking for more and more abstract versions of the shapes, lines and oddities.

Stone Doodle. Paper, Ink. 7 x 5  inches.

Stone Doodle. Paper, Ink. 7 x 5 inches.

Next we’ll look at the negative space created by the object in space and create a reverse image. Using the extreme details, the reverse version and any other knowledge gained from the study of nature we will move into creating an abstract composition of the little piece of nature.

In this two part class we will begin by creating an abstract collage using magazine, old book images, or any other paper scraps like old photographs or postcards. The collage process will be guided by the instructor. In the second class, we will take our collage one step beyond by drawing an abstract image from our own creations. The process is fun, you’ll see!

  • If you have ever wondered how artists move from realistic drawing to abstract drawing this class could help you on your quest.
  • If you have collected shells, bugs, rocks, bones or any other natural curiosities – bring them to this class.
  • If you love sitting, chatting, and creating with like minded individuals, then by all means, please join us!

By the end of this Nature To Abstract class you will not only have new ways of approaching drawing from nature and new ways to create abstract imagery that you can be proud of, you will also have a complete small abstract drawing straight from nature and your hand.

Rectangle Doodle Pattern. Paper, Ink. 8 x 5 inches.

Rectangle Doodle Pattern. Paper, Ink. 8 x 5 inches.

This is a 2 hour class. For 2-12 students, all supplies included (although, I welcome small natural oddities donations). This class can travel – I will gladly bring supplies and myself to your group or location, just ask (some fees may apply). Please call to schedule your group class today! 707-738-5886.