Moving Out or Moving In

For those that have been following this blog for some time now, you know I moved. I moved 800 miles to support my husband’s work. We sold a home and bought a home. We sent a child off to college, and left another child 880 miles away at boarding school to finish high school.

For over a year now I have not known for sure if I am moving out or moving in…

In the past nine months, I have remodeled and nested and found a way to make our new location feel like home. During the remodel we moved out and into different rooms of the house, depending on where the workmen were doing their job.

Thank goodness, we are no longer moving out or moving in. Life has settled into a new routine, for now… sort of.

As I edit this post I am in Carlsbad, with my son. This is a trip I take frequently. Sure, he’s in high school and I could choose hands off and staying away, but I haven’t. I visit him to support his growth and studies. Even though I am fully moved into our new home, I am also frequently on the move and moving into and out of hotels. Including visits to Colorado for the son who went off to college. Ha!

Does hotel living support my art? Yes, and No.

Yes, because I see and I am involved in a life beyond my existence in Arcata. This is good! I get to see new things, new people, new cities, different weather, and everything else that comes with traveling. For me travel is a grand adventure, every time I travel, even when the travel is simply to take a child to the doctor… true story, ask me sometime.

Does hotel living support my art? No, not really.

No, because each time I travel I leave behind my schedule, my studio space, and my routine. Each time I leave home I need to decide: what art supplies will I bring, what will inspire me to keep drawing and creating despite the distance from my home base and studio?

The solution has been sketchbooks! The sizes I carry, varies — usually quite small. The medium I use, varies — often Micron Pens. The subject matter, varies. The amount of time I spend drawing and recording ideas and events, varies.

What does not vary is that I write, draw, sketch, dream, and create on paper daily. I don’t wait for a “muse” or “inspiration.” I learned long ago that to be an artist means to make and create. Working on paper has become a daily habit.

I recently realized something. Actually, I realized something as I am writing this. Since I could not travel with paintings, and canvas, and wooden cradled supports to make large work – to make encaustic or oil paintings or even acrylic I adapted without even realizing I was adapting.

I moved out of working in mediums that were familiar and moved in to working with sketchbooks and lighter use of tools and mediums.

These days, my absolute favorite way to create is pen and paper with the occasional addition of color using ink, water color, or colored pencils. Also, a lot of my work is portable.

Interested in seeing a sketchbook? Yes! I thought you would be!