Too Many Responsibilities

Shit, this is a big tough horrible topic to address! Do I really have too many responsibilities? Or am I hiding behind perceived responsibilities as an excuse to not reach higher heights in my art? I suspect it is a bit of both. As well as painful to share publicly in a blog.

Stadium Arousal, encaustic on panel 8 x 10.

Stadium Arousal, encaustic on panel 8 x 10.

When I first presented the clutter topic and whether clutter is good or bad for art making I had no idea how I would roll out my story about clutter that gets in the way of art making.

Six months ago, in May 2013 I presented this list of situations that clutter my art career:

  1. Technology and Social Media
  2. Personal Inner Critic
  3. Summer
  4. No Road Map
  5. Lack of Self-Confidence
  6. Too Many Responsibilities

Each time I wrote further on this topic, I was addressing the clutter in my life that seems to undermine my desire to bring my art to a larger, wider audience. You can read about my journey in several posts on the topic.

Importantly, I have learned that naming the clutter and spending time with the issues has taken much of their power away. I am now able to deal with what I have written and talked about.

So, back to today’s topic:  Too Many Responsibilities.

The reality is, don’t we all have too many responsibilities? Yet, some people rise to the top of their game. Some people do not ever claim having too many responsibilities! Yet, I did make the claim that my responsibilities clutter my life and in essence take time away from my art.

Is this claim really true?

Now at the six month mark, I am embarrassed about saying that I have too many responsibilities. What was I thinking?  In reality I have a good, solid existence as a wife, parent, daughter, artist and more. Each of these responsibilities are uniquely mine!

Mine to honor and cherish, better not to complain!

The answer to the idea of too many responsibilities is available to each of us. Trite sayings like: “take one day at a time,” have patience with yourself, “take calculated risks, ” “you can’t have it all all at once, ” and so on… are available as a start.

Stadium Arousal, 6 x 4.

Stadium Arousal, 6 x 4.

Whatever my responsibilities are, and whatever your responsibilities are, I realize now, about 6 months after claiming too many responsibilities as one of my clutter issues, is that this is just not true. I do not have too many responsibilities!

I have the same number of hours in a day as anyone else. It is up to me to claim my path in my career as an artist.

So that’s it! Clutter in my life has been addressed and labeled and stewed over. Noticing your blocks can make room for personal advancement.

What’s next, you say? Gratitude and Affirmations. Instead of Grumbling and Articulating Problems. Follow me in 2014 for positive simple solutions, growth, and creative abundance.

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    1. Suzanne

      Hey Dominique, Thanks! Great to hear from you. There are more of them, the Stadium Arousal pieces, soon I will unveil them as a series on my web-site with a bit more description of how they are made and why.


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