Lecture Series: David Pagel

Each year in the first week of school there is a tradition at CGU were the professors deliver a one hour lecture on their work in the art world. This year David Pagel gave the first lecture of the year. He is a full professor, an art critic, curator, and avid cyclist. Following is a list of some of his comments (most of them come from his job/hat as a critic) that caught my attention (please note the quotes are how I heard them no necessarily how he said them verbatim):

“Many say art is an elitist enterprise, I believe in bringing art to all.”

“To educate people is not the job of a critic, but I do want to have people get interested in viewing art.”

“I write about my response to art, I am not writing about art, there is a difference.”

“There is a prevailing myth that art critics are like clergy. The set up is God, Clergy then the people. Similarly Art, Critic, and then the people. I think art can reach the people without the clergy/critic. If I can write to get people in front of art, I’ve done my job.”

“The questions: What does art mean and What does life mean are still out there for a civilized person in a democratic society.”

“When I go to shows I look for what will make the best review.”

“Art is an experience generating tool.”

Pagel is passionate about art and the practice of artists young and old, in this lecture that sentiment was not fully expressed.


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