Lazy is as Lazy Does


Lazy seems to be a bad word in today’s culture. Except that I decided that it would BE my word this weekend. The decision unfolded quietly and unknowingly.

Lazy Is as Lazy Does.

I did lazy. I am doing lazy.

I have celebrated mother’s day by spending three full days in my PJ’s. Reading. Watching movies. Drawing. Eating and sleeping. Alone in my home. Relaxing with my dog when she sleeps. Talking on the phone.

When is the last time you took the opportunity to fully embrace lazy? Quiet? Solitude?

There is something about being lazy and alone that feels different and powerful and wonderful. I have been forced to listen to myself. I could have run away into the world outside the walls of my house, but something unknown pulled me in. Each meal came when I was hungry, not when: “it was time to eat.” Sleep was the same, I slept when I felt like sleeping, and of course I used no alarm, because who is here to wake up for?

SG Studio handlettering.

SG Studio hand lettering.

I’m on the third day now as I write this, and I feel calmer and quieter — and even more focused than I have in a long time.

Usually I am scattered and disappointed at the end of the day, because I often feel that there is always so much left to do…

I think a lot of this happens from doing the wrong thing, that work which does not matter.

I am still not sure how I fell into lazy for this weekend, but I did. Life is funny. I decided to write a blog post and I found that this topic had surfaced for me earlier this year.

A few months ago, I came across an article by Pema Chodron on Lazy. I had forgotten I read it. I had forgotten I was called to her words. This is likely because I am often too busy gobbling up information as it flies in at me from the internet feeds I frequent. Except, still somehow my subconscious remembered the pull and I chose lazy in spite of my forgetfulness.

I had all sorts of plans for this weekend. I had planned on going east to visit my mother or going to Colorado to visit my son. I had planned on going hiking in the redwoods, joining a party at a neighbors house, driving to Arts Alive! in downtown Eureka, attending yoga classes, and more… none of these activities called to me as loud as lazy.

Lazy Is as lazy does.

Pema Chodron had this to say in her article about looking into laziness:

The path of awakening is a process. It’s a process of gradually learning to become intimate with our so-called obstacles. So rather than feeling discouraged by laziness, we could look into our laziness, become curious about laziness. We could get to know laziness profoundly.

Curiously, the dictionary definition of lazy is: unwilling to work or use energy. These days, to do lazy actually does take work, I had to repeatedly tell myself that it is ok, ok to be lazy. I had to use my energy towards being kind to myself and telling myself that a weekend of lazy really is an adventure into self and a worthwhile endeavor. I explored my lazy with joy — willingly working at lazy and using energy exploring the depths of lazy.

How many Netflix movies and series can I fit into my day? Into a weekend? I’ll never tell…

I have come nowhere near the possibilities of the exploration of lazy. There is still so much not to do!

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