Hook and Bait

I just wanted to write a blog with this title. I have no idea what I will say.

I saved this title in April 2016… with the words as written above. Today is the day to bring the title to life in your inbox. I am fishing for customers.

Might I hook you?

Maybe the IRS is sending you a refund check? Or maybe not, but you finally finished your taxes? Either way it is time for a treat!

The Shhh book will be ready to ship very soon and I want you to have a copy of it in your hands as soon as possible. They only way I can do that is if you choose to pre-order your copy. Link here. Pre-orders arrive with a gift—the bait! 🙂

Thanks for allowing me in your in-box each month.

I hope you are staying healthy and weathering the storm of transformations and changes that are happening all over the globe!

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