Happy New Year, 2020!

TEN people have joined me on Patreon!


This feels oh, so wonderful! Ten people believe in my work enough to pay me just a little (or a lot) every month to help me to keep creating and sharing my content.


Ten is a big number, 20 is my goal for 2020!

As an MFA trained artist and author I make work expressing  ideas from deeply private personal inquiry. The series is Shhh, Say Nothing: An honest look at silenced voices is my newest work.

In this work, my fluid process of making, writing, vandalizing, creating, cutting, and repeated mark-making invites inquiry through whimsy and exacting detail. A tool kit of paint, drawing and writing implements, scissors or X-acto knives, adhesive, paper and other surfaces allows me to express the underappreciated and unnoticed labor of so many, especially women. Even more to the point, the systematic silencing of these voices.

As a Patreon artist I hope to broaden the conversation I have initiated with my newest body of work. I wish to travel and show the work as well as gather stories from other women and create a book of essays alongside my art. The book is already in process! Do you have a story to share?

And, I am sharing art, because well…. you know! You gotta see the work I do!

Would you like to join me on Patreon?

I’m waiting…

©2019, Empty Waiting, painting on wood with mixed media collage, 16 x 16 inches. $3,200

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