Happy Monkey

Friday’s are a great day to think about how we can add creativity to our weekend. Bonus: in the USA we are heading into a 3-day weekend!

More chances for doing fun stuff with art supplies.

Or maybe, making art is your job and on weekends the creative well-spring gets filled with:

  • nature hikes
  • extra rest
  • a movie
  • a good book
  • a fire
  • tea and cookies
  • time spent with friends and loved ones
Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Grid Face Happy Monkey, mixed media, 4 x 6 inches.

Whatever you do, make your life count. Create the life you live. Nurture yourself. (I know I need to strengthen this muscle.) Making art to make a happy you. The monkey might be happy too!

Search for possibilities and potencial.

Smile at the silly happy monkey you see here—we’re smiling back! Sending you joy via art.

Enough reading now, go be a happy monkey!

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