Follow Up

Life changed in a crazy extraordinary way! In January, I applied to an Artist in Residence program at a non-profit organization called Washed Ashore in Bandon, Oregon. They  advertised a stipend and a room to live in for three months of work in their organization. I got the interview. We hit it off! Instead of a residency, I was offered a job.

I am now a full-time Artist creating huge sculptures made out of marine debris –mostly plastic– that is found on the shores of the Oregon Coast. I, along with a huge team of volunteers and other paid team members, make the sculptures over several months time and then, the sculptures travel around the country to public venues to educate the public about the overabundant use of plastics in our culture. This is crazy hard work! I create with a power drill in my hand 40 hours a week or more…

I wish I could show you my work in progress, but the boss says no to photographs of works in progress… (insert sad face). Go ahead and visit the web site. Soon there will be photographs of the sculptures that I have been making added here, but for now you can see what we’re up to!

Pinch me! I cannot believe that I get PAID to be a full-time artist in an organization that shares a message that believe in. I work outside most days (I love being outside, even when it is raining out—well, that does make life wetter), my dog Luna comes with me to work, and I am taxing my creative skills to the limit!

The other life adjustment is that my husband still lives in CA, a 3 hour drive away. I live in a little room with no kitchen, but I have my own bathroom. We see each other most weekends, and spend much more time on the phone these days. We have already planned a summer vacation together.

My son in Boulder continues to get many surgeries to repair his body from his horrific accident last October. Amazingly, he is continuing as a student in Environmental Science and Geology at CU Boulder! His last Geology exam fell on a Thursday in between two surgeries –one on Monday and one on Friday– and he Aced the exam! The healing continues… He is an inspiration to me, he keeps such a positive attitude and outlook!

My youngest son is now less than two months away from his high school graduation and he has decided to attend Montana State University in the fall. Proud Mama!

Our cabin in Oregon fell apart this winter and we had a decision to make: keep pouring money into a 40 year old cabin that had reached it’s life expectancy, or start over. Due to the age and decay of all the home components, extreme windy and wet conditions that made the South side of the house buckle this winter, and a large tree branch that crashed on the roof a few days before Christmas creating several leaks… we realized the best course of action would be to tear down what we have and build a brand new house!!!

I get to tick off a bucket list item in 2017! I have dreamed about building a personalized house since I was a child. I cannot even tell you how many times I have drawn floor plan ideas. Now the dream is becoming a reality. In about nine months, we will get to move into a 860 square foot custom house on a lake in a beautiful area surrounded by farms, trees, nature, with the ocean only a short walk away! Did I mention kite boarding? My husband’s favorite hobby/sport, the lake is the perfect place for him too!

So, yea, for a little while Silly Girl Factory is on hold… but she’s still in my heart, now working with plastic, a drill, and dreams instead of paper, glue, ink and paint!

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