Feminism + Art

I believe in feminism for these reasons. Equality. Equal chance. Equal notoriety. The vote. The possibilities. We are all people.

The conversation about women’s rights started a long time ago, and has yet to find resolution.

I am a feminist, but I do not wear the label on my sleeve. Labels in general are divisive. I believe in understanding and listening + honoring other peoples choices. So long as what others are doing are not oppressive or dismissive of the rights of others.

Obviously, my utopian world is a long way off.

This month I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast of one of art history’s feminist greats. I am happy to share it with you.

Linda Nochlin Explores the Role of Women in the Arts in a Previously Unaired Interview

Women have participated in making art since the beginning of time. Yet, their participation in the art world has been blocked. Linda Nochlin has some wonderful thoughts on this topic.

When this podcast come in my email I set myself up to make art and listened intently. I invite you to get yourself set up to make art, then hit play and listen while making. Enjoy! If you have thoughts or ideas, please comment or write me a message.

Since sharing is what I do, please enjoy viewing my art below.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2015, Dorky Doodle Wind-Me-Up. Paper, Ink. 14 x 11 inches. $195

As a female artist, am not a pawn in a game. I am human. You cannot wind me up, because I make my own life. Plus, I can draw how I feel.

I’d also love to share a painting I made 8 years ago. At the time I was exploring the idea of the female form in grids and behind “bars” or structures. In my mind, the grids both hold us up and hold us back.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2010, Girl in Garden, oil, 48 x 24. SOLD

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