Defining My Version of Excellence

I work towards my version of excellence daily, but sometimes I haven’t taken enough time to realize the fun I have been having along the way.

This is what I know.

My version of excellence is softer and more to do with relationships—family, friends, and strangers that learn of me and from me through my work. Connection to others and to our planet/earth in quiet moments of contemplation and curiosity are a special unique gifts. A life well lived, for me, includes plenty of time for rest, writing, drawing, painting, and reading.

Today, I am publicly celebrating a beautiful accomplishment, even though typically I tend to resist celebrating my accomplishments. You see, I was taught that A grades, awards, and/or money are the things worth celebrating. So if I don’t reach the top, then the work doesn’t matter. Right? Only excellence counts! What? Who decides what excellence is? With a limited edition art book, the goal of excellence was never about the awards or money—the goal, the dream and vision, was about connection and growth.

I was, and still am, interested in what I could learn and what others could teach and share. I am curious as to how and if there can be change and evolution in how we value women’s experiences and voices. I am interested in building connections that can grow and nourish my future work.

Now I know. I know that I can celebrate.

There has not been an award, nor has there been a windfall of money from the first round of Shhh book sales. However, I am pleased to report that 50 Shhh books are out in the wild world being enjoyed by readers. Fifty out of a planned 100 limited edition copies are already circulating.

Only 50 more will ever be printed!

I will be doing my next book order in October (for a show I have in Los Angeles in November, more on that later). So, if you are “on the fence” or have thought about getting a copy, but you missed the first round, then please be sure to let me know that you are excited to have your copy.

I am creating an interest list. Please Please Please email me at: to have your name added. I will let you know as soon as I have ordered some more books!

You don’t want to miss out! 😉 Ahhh, true excellence! You, believing in me, thanks!

Okay! I am off now to have some fun. Also, I have had fun hearing from all the new readers of Shhh, thank you special people for helping me on my way to excellence. Namasté

2 thoughts on “Defining My Version of Excellence

  1. Libby Contreraz

    Can’t wait to hear about your show in Los Angeles in November!!
    Congratulations on all your success as an artist. It’s been wonderful to see you grow as an artist! 👍👩‍🎨


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