Daily Writing—Ink and Paper

I use a Mead Recycled paper notebook that I buy in bulk from Amazon for my daily morning writing. Heaven forbid I run out, or the product gets discontinued, I’d be devastated!  In 2019 I filled 11 notebooks—almost one per month.

While doing daily writing I also emptied 3 BIC pens! You cannot imagine the thrill I get when I run out of ink! I love BIC because I can see the inside tube of ink. 😉

In fact I have published 2 IGTV films of the momentous occasion of ink running out!!! LOL Links below.

Empty ink One.

Empty Ink Two.

I also ran out of ink this morning recording the vivid dreams I had during the night. I was so busy writing that I was unable to capture the ink running out!

Writing helps me to develop my ideas so they and I feel more grounded, I literally develop roots, and sprout—nothing helps me to feel more me than my morning writing and daily painting. Join me on Patreon to learn more about the work I make and share.

4 thoughts on “Daily Writing—Ink and Paper

  1. Marilyn Valiente

    Good reminder to get to journaling and the benefits . I have been paralyzed in my writing. Maybe I am afraid to go there. Perhaps it will get me back to more creative work. I have been sketching and I have been making mask (my son is an emergency room nurse) and now head wear to cover their hair (they ran out). I feel like I am in a war doing what I can to support the troops in the front line.

    1. Suzanne Gibbs Post author

      Marilyn, from what you told me here, maybe you are doing more than enough!!!! One thing I know from this adventure we are on is that we really need to be super duper kind to ourselves! You are amazing in what you are doing for the healthcare workers and your son. Thank you for your contributions to this situation. Now, what can you do each day to fill your well with love?

  2. Susan Lindberg

    I got a kick out of you rambling on while you waited for the ink to finally run out! Thanks for sharing…you amaze me still. =.]


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