2 thoughts on “Conscious Curiosity, a revival

  1. Heli Sairanen

    Hi Suzanne,
    Just watched your interview and found it very comforting knowing you struggle with the same inner voices that I think we all do. You expose the commonality of human experiences and inner thoughts. Your candor and honesty is something I really respect and it is refreshing right now when there is so much pain and conflict and people are blaming, accusing, finding fault, while really searching for the magic bullet that will help us survive and get through to the next step, the next day, and find the life that is meaningful and full. Glad to find an echo for my thoughts and feelings. I have a saying “life takes courage, but to live well sometimes takes real guts.” And I am not talking about the material things when I talk about living well, but finding my authentic self and finding contentment in a very complicated world.
    Stay well, and keep going:)
    Thank you for being you.

    1. Suzanne Gibbs Post author

      Hello Heli, thank you for watching and responding. I am glad that what I had to say resonated with you. This interview was very enjoyable to participate in! -Suzanne


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