Collage For Clarity

Collage for Clarity is a class designed for women to work in community while focusing inward. When doing yoga we use our mind, body, and soul to move in the asanas—in collage for clarity we use our hands and heart with paper, magazines, scissors, glue, and pencil, to create our own unique personal collage.

This class is about creating time to sit down and create. Creating space to listen to the nagging in your heart. Connecting to your wise inner soul. Becoming inspired through spontaneous and free creation.

  • Collage for Clarity is about giving yourself time to unravel your thoughts and imagination.
  • Collage for Clarity will visually, and often soulfully, show you clearly what you want IN your life while letting go of what you don’t want.

Testimonial: Last Tuesday’s Collage for Clarity Class  was greatly anticipated, wonderfully presented, and will continue to inspire and remind me. You stepped up to give us a marvelous day! I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to know you and take this class, you are in every way an inspiring artist and friend. –Criss

In a typical 3+ hour class, we will begin by gathering together in a safe space. We will sit with our own thoughts in the beginning of the class with a guided meditation that will last from 10 to 12 minutes. A simple breathing exercise will be introduced. Then, we’ll jot down a few personal notes. Each of us will gather images based on the notes and dive right in to creating. Cut, arrange, glue, cut some more, toss a bit off and cast it aside, breathe, laugh, chortle, chuckle, and continue.

As your teacher, I will be the guide, coach, and time keeper. Your job will be to work with joy and freedom.

By the end of class, if you work consistently, and let go of perfection, you will have a collage—your collage that you can use to find clarity. Those that feel comfortable will share what they have learned through the experience with the class. Most of all, this is about giving yourself time in a supportive group to BE and allow clarity to come to you. Are you ready? Sign up today!

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This is a 3+ hour class. For 2-12 students, all supplies included (used or dated magazines are always welcomed as a gift to the class). This class can travel. I will gladly bring supplies and myself to your group or location, just ask (travel fees apply). Please call to schedule your group class today! 541-253-1258

“You make everyone feel so comfortable even though you are an accomplished artist, and MFA graduate, all pretty impressive, but you are so very kind, caring, approachable and just downright genuinely nice!!!!” –Criss

Please note: this class is terrific when repeated at regular intervals—for example, monthly—to gain even more clarity and inner wisdom. Similar to the practice of yoga, or meditation, tuning into your inner voice takes practice. My students have told me repetition has led to deeper insights and has served as a catalyst for change!