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I Goofed, Sorry :(

Hello! Suzanne here—artist, author and instructor at Silly Girl Factory

Image of the door of Silly Girl Factory in Langlois, Oregon

For the past few weeks I have been attempting to figure out how to “revive” and “grow” my email list in order to tell more people about the new stuff I am making and selling. In the process, I accidentally added personal contacts to my current blog subscriber list—you may not have asked to be here!

What I really wanted to do was make a separate list to invite new readers to join my blog list. But I am a bit of a newbie doing the technical work in Mail Chimp… and…

I goofed, and I am really sorry.

Now you are on my blog subscriber list. This is how I initially got your email address: Once upon a time we have met in person, worked together, or I have admired your work via social media links (yes, I am a website snoop). We may or may not remember each other or where we first met! But here I am, in your inbox!

Because of my goof, I decided to just go ahead and tell my whole new list what I am up to!

I love to stay in touch.

I invite you to view the new work going on at Silly Girl Factory via my website. My factory makes art, writes and publishes books, and teaches both yoga and creative art workshops. Silly Girl Factory may be a new brand—however making art, writing books, and teaching are not new to me, and you may know me as Suzanne Gibbs or Suzanne Gibbs Studio.

Suzanne Gibbs and new puppy Zoie.

When I paint or draw my art is idealistic, plural, and impractical. I make the work in a spontaneous and direct manner. I call upon a viewer’s understanding of daily production and repetitive work. The strength lies in my art’s elegance and confidence. I paint reassembled patterns as seen on quotidian objects, spaces, places, and people. Culling ideas and inspiration from my own painting and drawing as well as popular media and a plethora of other inspiration. I flatten the hierarchy of all that I see. Making meaning out of meaninglessness.

Yep, basically I draw and paint while staying silly and having fun doing the serious business of making art.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2016, Alive! LOOK, paper, pen, watercolor, 4.75 x 4.75 inches, $65

When I write, I dive into my own life and I record, represent, distort, fragment, distill, celebrate, challenge and evaluate all that I know—blurring the boundaries between what I think I understand and what I wish to understand. Then sharing what I write via books and blogs.

In a few short weeks I will have my second book, My Year of Separation: A collection of essays examining the impossible task of separation from self, complete and ready for an audience—the first published shipment is already on it’s way to my factory. I am hoping that you might be one of the people interested in this project.

My Year of Separation, book cover, written and illustrated by Suzanne Gibbs is my newest creation.

Now, back to my mistake. I Goofed

  • If you do nothing. You’ll stay on my e-mail list and receive regular notifications.
  • Additionally, you may decide to go over to Instagram or Facebook and follow me I post images of the projects I am working on, almost daily.
  • Lastly, there IS an unsubscribe button, and you are free to use this option at any time, no hard feelings, after all you may not have elected to be here, but you are now due to my mistake!

Except, you might miss out…

I want you to hear about when my second book is being shipped!

Also, I am currently working on my next project—another book— this one is being done almost entirely by hand, I will go digital when I scan the sketchbook, but the creation of this new work is paper, pen, ink, watercolor, crayons,colored pencils, and glue in a sketchbook. I am creating drawings, writing, and doodles—oodles of doodles. I am creating this project for The Sketchbook Project in NYC. The working title of this little gem is:

Dorky Doodle Darlings ^prepare to Visit NYC

I am over the top thrilled to have found a way to have my art on display and available for viewing in NYC! This is a dream come true! Many many years ago (1982) I wanted to attend art school in NYC, but I didn’t. Now my art can go to NYC to live in The Sketchbook Project library, and I can go visit the work andy time I want. Seriously, very hugely exciting!

Let’s do the Happy Dance!

Well, I will happy dance once I finish this next project! And… of course… since Silly Girl Factory IS a factory and in high production mode, there will be other projects announced later this year. You want to know about these, right? Sure you do!

I may or may not have your permission to email you in this way, and because of this I appreciate that it is a privilege to write to you today. Thanks for reading!

I adore my FANS! Hugs and Kisses and Happy Dances!

Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Toodle-loo! Until another time!

Suzanne at Silly Girl Factory

The Finish Line

I am almost to the finish line… just a little bit more effort and I will order my first set of books!

Honestly, there is no way to contain the excitement of FINISHING a big project! …and I’m not even finished yet! So you’re stuck with me telling you about it!

My second book looks at my own beliefs and behaviors, one essay at a time. Written from the perspective of a year in my life.

My Year of Separation, book cover sample/not the final product!

My Year of Separation is a book containing a series of essays about the year I moved out and lived on my own for the first time in 25 years, and successfully stayed married and connected fully to my children, friends, and family—while healing from the near death of my eldest son.

My Year of Separation will sell for $15 plus shipping. However, pre-orders from now until February 28, 2018 are $12 each. What a deal! Simply email me and I will send you an invoice and I will also let you know as soon as the first shipment arrives to Silly Girl Factory and when it will be on it’s way to you. These will be signed editions. You may request special notes, if you like.

You know what? Thanks for reading my blog! If you have continued to enjoy the information I present, feel free to forward this post or any of my ideas to a friend! To support the work I do, buy a book or my art!

Not in a buying mood today? OK! I’d love more followers on Instagram or Facebook…tee hee…

Sharing Excitement

I am too excited to contain my excitement! I need to share more details about my newest book.

But before I do, you could buy my first book. I recently ordered a select number of re-prints. These will be signed copies!

Then you could move onto reading my second book! …When it is ready!

My Year of Separation is 95% finished (I think). Ninety-five percent is very likely an overestimation, but every time I begin to see the end of a project I always get excited to start my next project.

The life of a creative…

Sometimes, I forget about all the little details that go into finishing a project. Then I get excited about sharing my work with the public, and you, my cherished and loyal readers. And, hinestly all those little details seem so mundane!

I say, Phewy! On details! Let’s just get this thing out into the world!

Today, I am feeling the need to share and tell you where I am at with this new book.

  • Recently an editor was hired—wow was that a lot of work! And the work I did with her made the essays stronger.
  • I have a few illustrations to draw.
  • The cover needs to be designed and doing this part is always a fun way to use my graphic design skills.
  • An ISBN number has already been ordered.
  • AND, I plan to self-publish as soon as possible.

I need to share with you that—hopefully by February 19th—I will have published this second book! BUT this is a huge PUSH goal! Huge!

Please cheer me on! Or tell me you’re excited to buy a copy… or that you are excited for me, just because!


Silly, synonyms—because I sometimes wonder if I am silly to share the deeply personal and make my thoughts public!

You know what? Thanks for reading my blog! If you have continued to enjoy the information I present, feel free to forward this post or any of my ideas to a friend! To support the work I do, buy a book or my art!

Not in a buying mood today? OK! I’d love more followers on Instagram or Facebook…tee hee…

Creating “Containers”

Some of my best work has come from the idea of creating containers. I create arbitrary and also thought out “containers” from which to start a body of work. How can something be arbitrary and thought out? Allow me to explain. As a creative, I tend to have way too many ideas to actually execute in any given day, month, or year. So, I have learned how to create what I call, containers — arguably this could also be called parameters — but let’s stick with the image of a container!

Oblivion, Bright half of life, paper, pen, watercolor, 4.75” x 4.75”

Oblivion, Bright half of life, paper, pen, watercolor, 4.75” x 4.75”

Imagine a box. Now, put in the rules in the box. Magic happens in the container. Out the other side comes the art!


Why Silly Girl?

Lately you might have been seeing the name Silly Girl on and around my website, on my art, and on my social media posts. Why you might ask? Why Silly Girl?

Just because!

One morning I woke up and realized that Silly Girl has the same initials as Suzanne Gibbs, so why not Silly Girl. Any of you who have known me a while know there is a silly girl in there somewhere. She used to be more obvious!


That was before marriage, before kids, before owning a home and becoming a “responsible adult.” I’m wanting to shed my skin. I of course, will remain responsible, and a mom, and a wife – but why can’t I be silly too!

Silly Girl represents the child in me, the creative being who although I worked like crazy as an adult to shush her, she had her own ideas all along…

Silly Girls is:

  1. Playful
  2. Curious and inquisitive
  3. Adventurous
  4. Sensitive – about others, the environment, and with the self
  5. Most of all, she wants to develop close connections to people through her art, yoga, and in a perfect world a blend of the two!


Does Silly Girl Art mean the work will always make people laugh? No. Will there be cartoons? Maybe. Will the work be completely un-serious? No. How can yoga be silly? Try me, you might like it!

Do I lack judgement or common sense? I’ll let you be the judge of that, however will you please give me 3 months to a year before you judge? Silly Girl has more resilience than I ever knew, I am only now listening to her wisdom.

Am I crazy, ditzy, and childish to think that I can launch a company called Silly Girl and actually find success here? Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Right now, right here, this month, today – I feel compelled to listen closely to what Silly Girl has to offer. I hope you’ll stick with me/us as we uncover all the fun we wish to embark on! Ah Ho! Namaste.

Do That Thing

Do that thing you have been putting off.

Do That Thing.

I have been putting off making work for a solo gallery show I have coming up in July. So you know what I did when the gallery contacted me and asked if I’d like the space in May as well as in July?

I said YES, sure!

A bad idea? Maybe.

I am doing my thing. Too much work, too often, without enough time or planning. However, I am pretty sure everything will turn out fine. Because I am doing my thing!

Would you like to see sample work? Yes? Sure, here:

Each of these drawings are drawings based entirely off of paintings I created in the last few years. For example:


Top image is an encaustic painting on panel, bottom is an abstract drawing based on the painting.

Here is a sample of work in progress:

Encaustic painting, Heap O' and the beginnings of the Abstract drawing of the painting. And yes, my studio couch to!

Encaustic painting, Heap O’ and the beginnings of the Abstract drawing of the painting. And yes, my studio couch to, as a support and drawing table!


In conclusion, if you are anything like me, and procrastination is easier than doing the work that is most worth doing. Take a risk!

Do That Thing.

My show is at the RAA Gallery in Eureka CA. May 23 – June 15.

Tears and Such…

No too long ago I cried for 90 minutes straight while attending yoga class. I did not know it was possible to cry for 90 minutes while moving, holding poses, and breathing, but it is – at least for me. Due to this emotional waterfall I have decide to write about:

Tears and Such…

Why I cried is not important. We all have emotional moments even hours or months or years, because as humans, we all have emotions. Some of us release hard emotions through yelling, some by laughing, some while crying, and others have their own unique method(s). Then, there are the millions of people who push emotions down deep, drown them with alcohol, numb emotions with drugs, or blanket emotions in overeating, and all sorts of other emotional acrobatic tricks!!! Such is the way today in our culture. Or so it seems to me.

The current message is: Don’t experience the beauty of emotion. Instead, try to cover it up, hide it, hold it, or press it away. And now, shame, fear, guilt, love, compassion, and longing have become less acceptable than anger. One day, not too long ago, I chose tears.

Tears and such can teach, but only if we pay attention and notice, and let the emotion move.

I think this is how yoga and emotions support one another – in both we are moving. Yoga is moving the body. Emotions is moving our feelings, in, out, around, stuffed, pushed, up, down, and all around; all of this is moving emotion. As are the tears themselves, they move emotion a drop at a time.

I was exhausted after my nearly silent outburst. I was embarrassed. I was testing the limits of the compassion of my yoga instructor. I was testing the space of the studio I was practicing in, could it hold my emotions with me? I was testing the students in the class, would they tolerate a fellow student sniffling, blowing her nose, and dripping sopping wet salty tears and such….

I was not testing any of these boundaries on purpose, I was simply being in the moment, feeling what I was feeling.

I was testing the idea that the practice of yoga is a “safe place,” that the yoga mat is a safety zone. I found out that it is. When my exhaustion subsided a few days later, new life erupted inside of me. In the words of Paulo Coelho, “Tears are words that need to be written…”  (found on Author Unlimited).

I take this to mean that tears are creative droplets – to be used in words, paint, music, or any other creative pursuit. Tears point us in the direction we need to move – if we listen, if we pay attention, notice, and care about our own heart’s callings and yearnings.

Two in-progress paintings. Dancer and Yogi.

Two in-progress paintings. Dancer and Yogi.

I have re-started my regular blogging – I am not sure if this is related to my tears, it might be. I also got my gesso out of hiding, and paper, and a few substrates for painting, and I began creating in larger scale for the first time in about a year.

The tears were loaded with emotion – why I cried is not important.

That I allowed tears and such to fall and move through my body is ultimately a beautiful gift, a reminder of change and the impermanence of things, times, and places.

Tears and such are teachers and notes of wisdom from an inner depth.