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Suzanne has written 2 non-fiction books and one silly booklet for Silly Girl Factory. Signed copies are available directly from Suzanne by clicking on the PayPal links below the images.

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Silly Girl Factory’s second book available now!

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My Year of Separation, (book cover) written by Suzanne Gibbs, $15


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A bold, impressive journey—the journey being the point. Gibbs’ longtime craving, a hiatus from others’ needs and her own expectations, proved to be bumpy, courageous and raw. Deliberately exposing herself by her determination to journal through it, with candid honesty she revealed her extreme vulnerability, the strength to accept her own imperfections, and, perhaps the most difficult—to allow love in—of strangers, loved ones, and particularly of herself. She bravely stepped through her own looking glass. There’s a saying floating around, nowadays: What others think about you is none of your business. This was a gift of one person’s emergence. —N. McBride

Only 8 signed copies of my first book in stock.

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Picture of Conscious Curiosity open on a table. $20 each.

Conscious Curiosity: Communicating to Connect

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A playful Sketchbook of Dorky Doodle Darlings!

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Sketchbook of Dorky Doodle Darlings, inside cover, price is $13 each

This little yummi and very silly zine is available! Expect raw material, unedited, goofy just like a sketchbook should be!

Book bundle. Three of my books at a bundle price.

2 books and 1 booklet at a special bundle price of $38.

Conscious Curiosity: Communicating to Connect

Dorky Doodle Darlings ^prepare to Visit NYC

My Year of Separation: A collection of essays examining the impossible task of separation from self