Believe, Live Joy, Buy Art

It’s February, and it’s my birthday month and I am moving. Again.

I believe in life.

  • First, allow change – it’s silly to stay stuck
  • Get rid of whatever is not working
  • Be honest, kind, and trustworthy
  • Use less than you think you need
  • Buy less than you think you need (except art)
  • Consider the environment
  • Find joy everyday
  • Be extra extra kind to yourself
  • Make Art! Or buy art. Either way live with art.


Suzanne Gibbs, ©2019, See Nothing Keep Running, painting on wood, 14 x 11 inches. $1000

I believe in life and I make art to live my best and joyful life.

7 thoughts on “Believe, Live Joy, Buy Art

  1. Heather W. Ernst

    Your reminders work so well for those who need repetition to keep their path of evolution fresh!

    And, yes, as your husband said in Alyson’s recent interview with you… your newest work is the best I’ve seen yet and I love it!


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