Reassemble, 2016

I traveled extensively throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and BC Canada in 2016. To create a new body of work while traveling my art needed to travel with me. This restriction led to the parameters of this project. (statement of art continued below images)

Choosing to work small, I packed my bags with 100 sheets of small watercolor paper, glue, scissors, a set of X-acto blades, and a portable cutting mat; along with a few pens and a set of watercolors. Using magazines collected along my travels, I began making a series of collages. For me, disassembly and reassembly is a way to translate and ingest information. After making reference collages, I drew from the collages onto a new sheet of paper using ink and watercolor. The process of drawing allowed me to digest the ideas and images I had assembled.

The job of magazine editors is to disseminate information for us through image and word. Our job is to consume and then buy the items and ideas as presented on the pages. As a consumer myself, the magazines were used only as a stepping off point for my work. Creating my own design and visual language was the goal. All of my images are drawn “as is.” Mistakes live in the final art. What was inadvertently left out, or added in, stayed the way it is, playing with the idea of errors being alive in the work. Reassembly can never be as exact as the original assembly. So why push for perfection? Each piece of art takes on an individual identity slightly different from the collages’ counterpart. This body of work is a creation of reassembled images from assembled images out of magazines. The work is about what we take with us—whether we want to or not.

The new images move towards abstract, my favorite mode of visual communication. The original intent from the magazine editors, photographers, and other artists is still solidly embedded in the images, but so is my own intent. Some of these works of art are funny and others not as much; some are strange and others seem to make sense. Take with you, what you will.

To purchase any or all of these paintings, please contact me at: or call/text 541-253-1258. I will send you a PayPal Invoice and ship as soon as humanly possible. These paintings are all listed at $185 each, please inquire about multiple art order discounts.