222 Faces Series, 2017

I was born on February twenty second—written another way, the numbers are 222. This number became fodder for work. I drew, painted, sketched, and collaged 222 faces, (also known as portraits). I found the faces in public, in magazines, books and on-line. All the faces were made in less than one year. Working in quantities necessitated that some of the faces became work that stays within the walls and archives of my studio practice. This set shown here, made muster. Each of the pieces is drawn freely in ink and painted in watercolor on fine Fabriano paper with a deckled edge.

To purchase any or all of these paintings, please contact me at: artist@suzannegibbs.com or call/text 541-253-1258. I will send you a PayPal Invoice and ship as soon as humanly possible. These paintings are all listed at $50 each, please inquire about multiple piece order discounts.