Fine Art

To browse my galleries simply click on the underlined title below or utilize the drop down menu for each series. Happy gallery browsing!

The Reassemble series of illustrations is the creation of collage images questioning what we take with us—whether we want to or not.

Transition series is a representation of a physical move made visual.

222 Faces is a series of portraits capturing the essence of random people found in public, magazines, books and on-line.

Telling new stories the Dorky Doodle Darlings are all about dissecting and assembling media images and universal emotional baggage.

Grids From Within series are multicolored checkerboard paintings that act as personal portraits.

The X’s and O’s and Love series are paintings as a visual reminder of the importance of gratitude and love.

The Lofty Ladder series is created with the idea of honoring life’s ups and downs that are an inevitable part of all human existence.