Fine Art

Shhh, Say Nothing series exposes the tedious labor that must be done (often by women) or the scaffolding of society as we know it will fall apart.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2019, Purple Lipped Confusion, painting on wood with mixed media collage, 24 x 24 inches. $2400

Grids From Within series are multicolored grid paintings that act as personal portraits—viewers add their own perspective.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, No Words, Flashe paint and other media on wood cradled panel, 10 x 10 inches, $300

222 Faces is a series of portraits capturing the essence of random people found in public, magazines, books and on-line.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2016, 222 Faces Series, Butterfly Glasses Face, watercolor on Italian paper, 5 x 5 inches, $50

The Reassemble series of illustrations is the creation of collage images questioning what we take with us—whether we want to or not.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2016, Reassemble Series, Terribly Wrong Thought, watercolor on Italian paper, 5 x 5 inches, $65

Transition series is a representation of a physical move made visual.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2016, Heap O’. Paper, Ink. 12 x12 inches, $75

Telling new stories the Dorky Doodle Darlings are all about dissecting and assembling media images and universal emotional baggage.

Suzanne Gibbs ©2015, Dorky Doodle Femme Fatale. Paper, Ink. 14 x 11 inches. $95