Art Show on the Boardwalk

A look at work I made for the Wings—Wind—Waves Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show. Show ends on September 18, 2019.

I decided to paint a kite boarder on the waves pretending to have wings (the kite in the wind)!

Full image! The holes are there to hang the work on the boardwalk fence.


Detail of wind.


Detail of water (waves) and sand.


Yes! I did paint a tiny person in the water.

Yes! It really IS this windy in Bandon Oregon! I am sitting on the boardwalk to take the picture. Come see the work!

8 thoughts on “Art Show on the Boardwalk

  1. Susan Lindberg

    I can feel the wind and spray in my face! I like the spirit of this painting and love the photo of you next to it!

    1. Suzanne Gibbs Post author

      I had fun getting lucky that the day when I went to go find my work and it was really windy out! At first I thought, darn… I can’t get a good picture! Then I realized, why not, why not share the reality?


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