Art-O-Mat Blocks, Set 3 2019

I took a slightly different approach this month with my Art-O-Mat art blocks project. Typically, I begin with drawing and then add paint. Sometimes I use collage and drawing + paint. This time I began with paint—used expressively. Once it dried I added drawing on top of the paint.

I never know where my work will go or how fast it will sell when I ship the work to Art-O-Mat.

What’s important to me is that people can get a pocket sized piece of my art for $5! This is really a hoot! Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post from the owner of Art-O-Mat talking about how he began this project of art for all budgets!

Brief video of my latest set of art blocks.

Trivia: Did you know that at any given time Art-O-Mat is distributing the work of 300 artists!

©2019, Suzanne Gibbs, Face Block, art for Art-O-Mat. For sale only in select Art-O-Mat machines around the world.

Retired cigarette vending machines are refurbished to vend original art, creating the unusual and clever Art-o-mat® – Don't Go 'Round Artless!

Posted by UNC-TV on Monday, April 22, 2019

2 thoughts on “Art-O-Mat Blocks, Set 3 2019

  1. Cyndy R.

    I just love this so much 🙂 It has always bothered me that so much art is out of reach economically for so many people…myself included. At least now in mid-life I can afford some very small pieces once in awhile, but when I was younger I could only afford printed cards. I have always thought it would be wonderful to make and sell art that is affordable for most people. Very cool. I love seeing public art as well because everyone can enjoy it, and I totally support tax dollars going for public art installations.


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