Another LGT! Show: You Are Here

Another LGT! Show happened a few weeks ago, and I would be remiss if I “forgot” to post my pictures and thoughts on the event. I was at: You Are Here, in the Pomona Packing Plant galleries and studios.

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Here are some of the images I took (feel free to click on the images to see the full image larger):

Honestly, I know I should write something, this is my blog after all, but the pictures this time are my way of allowing you to see through my lens. I hope you enjoy them.

Never mind, I’ll write too!

The work in this show purported to be: Installation and Space Expanse. In my opinion, most of the work fell heavily on sculpture, including the wormy things in the rafters. Having said that though, the worms and the spider web-like installation that created a barrier to direct entry did indeed require me to participate in the space.

Walk around, the work told me. Look up, up here! And in the case of the paper boulder or the home depot stair step thing, I had plenty of room to walk around the large space and view the work and the expanse of the space as presented.

Then there was the small see-through mini-tall igloo packing tape structure with a chair inside. Did the artist really expect me to go inside what was essentially a plastic curved upside down bag? I couldn’t bring myself to get inside, fear of suffocation or not being able to fit all of me inside stopped me. Even though I could clearly see the chair was full size. Instead, I found myself looking at the execution of the well crafted tiny dome-like structure, hence the detail photos.

Here is the Facebook invite, but like I said the show has come down, the event was in October.

YOU ARE HERE: Installations and Space Expanse

Jacqueline Bell Johnson
Jeremiah Thomas Catling
Patrick Faulk
S. A. Hawkins
Matthew Hillseth
Patrick Quan
Chelsea Rector
Conchi Sanford

Curated by Jennifer Frias and Jacqueline Bell Johnson

The exciting news is that this show was in the news! “YOU ARE HERE: Installations & Space Expanse” at the Pomona Packing Plant-Live/Work Industrial Lofts, 560 E. Commercial St. Unit 8, Pomona, closing reception was: Sat., Oct. 19, 4PM-10PM.

There will be more shows in this and similar spaces in Pomona. For this show, I see the work as contemporary art that is well crafted and space exploding. I look forward to more.

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