An Invitation

Enjoy viewing a studio visit video tour and also a sketchbook tour!

Also, a wee bit of vulnerable honesty here. Making art is my passion. Usually I experience a zen-like feeling while I paint. That’s the truth. The other part of the equation is that sharing my work in all sorts online formats is also work and quite time consuming. I love this! I want to share my work with others.

Now for the invitation, if you love what I share and the work I make, will you please consider a subscription membership to Patreon?

For as little as $1 per month you get all sorts of insiders content about my work, process, and thinking. The $25 and above membership levels now include a nifty mug, shipped right to you! Sip your morning beverage with my art. What could be better? 😉

PS. Coming soon. Pre-orders for my third book, The Shhh Book.

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