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Happy to have you visit my site!

HI! I am Suzanne Gibbs.

I work with pen, paper, and pattern in my sketchbooks taking my daily doodles into larger paintings or digital formats to create fun art for books and cards as well as fine art for sale. Communication through words and images is my passion.

My favorite activities, after making art, and in no particular order, are: spending time with family and friends, yoga, reading, and walking in the great outdoors.

I was born in Madison, WI and by age 4 I lived in Mexico and later Brazil – where as a young child I absorbed the colors and cultural joy of living as an ex-patriot.

At age 13, I moved to New Jersey, USA — this promised to be a time of joy — BUT my home country felt like a strange and confusing place because after all, I had not lived in USA since I was a toddler!

During this time of transition my passion to create was ignited. I began writing and doodling daily, a practice that continues to serve my creative process.

In college, at Carnegie-Mellon University, I was introduced to my first ever Apple computer! A love affair began – I had a deep desire to blend digital technology with my analog creations. I moved west to California’s “Silicone Valley” to work as a graphic designer. A few years later, I enrolled at the University of Portland (Oregon) to study communication. After raising 2 children and teaching art for 20 years, I returned to school once again and earned a Master of Fine art at Claremont Graduate University.

After years of trial and error, I now use not only pen, paper, and sketchbooks but also the computer as a design and drawing tool. My focus now, is to connect to and share with a larger audience.

The glue that holds together my work and life is a passion for making good choices through listening to intuition and following deep passions – especially when art is a component of the construction.

I publish a regular blog/newsletter: about the process of art making and life living.

Here is video of me talking about my MFA Thesis Show.

Suzanne Gibbs Studio maintains an inventory of completed works available for sale. Please use the contact page for inquiries.


You make everyone feel so comfortable even though you are an accomplished artist, and MFA graduate (from Claremont), all pretty impressive, but you are so very kind, caring, approachable and just downright genuinely nice!!!! –Criss