Suzanne Gibbs

Suzanne Gibbs works industriously, making repetitive moves while working on paper or wood panels. Instead of making many perfectly executed works of art, she embraces her purposeful inaccuracies. Her fluid process of making, writing, vandalizing, creating, cutting, and repeated mark-making results in work of unrestrained containment. Her tool kit is varied and always changing including some form of paint, drawing and writing implements, scissors, and adhesive.

Her Fine Art paintings are made as an invitation to contemplation and curiosity. A list of her exhibitions can be found here. She has published two illustrated books and has continuously created an artist blog since 2010.

To fully appreciate all that Suzanne has to offer, simply ask and she’ll be happy to have you join her for a yoga hike in the woods followed by a beer, home-made soup, and a personalized studio tour.

Suzanne Gibbs, Yoga Pose Mālāsana

She spent her formative years in Mexico and Brazil, returning to the United States in time for high school. Suzanne is a certified yoga instructor and continued learning is a passion, more education details can be found here. She holds a BFA in Design (1987) from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master of Science in Communication from University of Portland (1995) and an MFA in Studio Art from Claremont Graduate University (2013—at age 48). Suzanne was born in 1965 in Madison, WI and currently splits her time between California and Oregon, but more often Oregon.

Suzanne’s work can also be viewed online at Artwork Archive and Instagram. To view her awards, media, membership and collector list click here.

A sample of her current work…

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Lost Voice, Flashe paint and other media on wood cradled panel, 10 x 10 inches, $300



3 favorite foods are coffee, popcorn, and fish tacos

I’m blonde and I speak Spanish, as a child in Mexico my head was often rubbed by strangers for “buena suerte” —good luck

Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, with a group of Wild Women, took me 4 days

Fly-fishing with my father is a gift, I have been to Iceland and Canada to fish for Wild Salmon, I release all fish I catch

Suzanne Gibbs and Jim Utaski, Fly fishing Trip 2018

For a year, I helped my son recover from a near-fatal bicycle accident and head injury

As the family editor, I have assisted in the completion of dozens of amazing term papers in several subjects including health care, economics, human resources, and environmental studies

I have written and published 2 books (and I really hope to find inspiration for more)

I’ve lived in 3 countries and in over 27 addresses in 53 years

According to my mom, at age 6 I started my first in-home art lessons for the neighborhood kids, now over a lifetime as an art teacher and artist I have guided well over 1000 students ages 2 to 82 to enjoy their personal creativity

Suzanne with Little Brown Dog Luna

Dog lover, goes without saying!

Mother to 2 grown children, currently attending college in Montana and Colorado

Married to the same great guy for 26 years!

Suzanne with Zoie in Forest, Montana

The glue that holds together my work and life is listening to intuition and following my voice—especially when the muse of art or writing whisper (and this typically happens when I spend time outside followed by studio work).


Suzanne Gibbs Studio maintains an inventory of completed works available for sale.


You make everyone feel so comfortable even though you are an accomplished artist, and MFA graduate (from Claremont), all pretty impressive, but you are so very kind, caring, approachable and just downright genuinely nice!!!! –Criss