I am an artist, yes. I am also a Yoga practitioner and instructor. I have practiced asanas for over 35 years. Yes, you read that correctly, 35 years.

Savanna Pose — So Sweet.

Savasana Pose — So Sweet.

My first yoga class was in 1979. I joined an after school yoga program hosted at my school. I was 14 years old at the time. The number one thing I learned and took with me from that class was how to relax via the pose Savasana (also Shavasana or Corpse Pose). Being able to put myself to sleep no matter how stressful life becomes is a treasure. Please note: the goal of the pose is not to go to sleep, but the deep relaxation possible in Savanna can encourage a good night’s sleep.

Jump forward.

In 2016 I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Janine Melzer in Forrest Yoga at Om Shala Studio in Arcata. Certainly, during training we concentrated on yoga poses and proper alignment, breathing, how to structure a class, how to set up a yoga business, anatomy for yoga, communication methods specific to yoga, and much more. However, the gift I took away was special, I learned why I have kept coming back to yoga, time and time again.

For me, the best yoga happens outside of convention. I believe in roughing it and taking the poses, the lifestyle, and the attitude to wherever I am. Outside while hiking, yes. Hotel room, better than no room. Airport or train station while waiting, why not? Beach and sand, the best! Yoga is a whole world, a language, a way of living, not just poses on a mat. Strength lies in showing up for the practice, flattening the hierarchy of expectations, and allowing intuition to guide the inner cantankerous spirit.

Yoga is a journey and a container with no boundaries. Yoga is a way of life and a lifestyle to aspire to, even though you can never “arrive.”

I substitute teach yoga in a studio setting, and, if you’d like to catch up with me outside, you can find me on a hike in the forest, on a beach, or on a city trail. I go into the studio, to the mat, to learn from other practitioners — I still have so much to learn. Then, I take what I practice and bring my yoga into life off of the mat. I’d be happy to share this yogi mindset with anyone interested.

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