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Welcome and thanks for visiting Suzanne Gibbs Studio. I make art with Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, Drawing, and Doodling. My current project is an illustrated book for couples!

Conscious Curiosity: Communicating to Connect

Here is a sneak peek image:

Suzanne Gibbs Studio, What did you think when you saw me naked for the first time?, 2014, Electronic drawing from ink drawing circa, 1999.

Why would you want to follow me and work with me? Because I like to live life like a kid! I laugh often and dance when I hear music, even during a typical adult boot camp style fitness routine. I stop to watch bugs or birds as they go about their day. I was that kid that believed in Santa Claus – even at age 12 when my Dad told me that he was in fact Santa! I was that kid who you might have been happy to pick on because I was so naive. I was that kid doodling and making odd things every chance I well, I still do!

Need more convincing? Here is a quote from my Mom about me: “Did you know that when we lived in Mexico and your Mom (Suzanne) was about 6 years old, she used to paint and draw on paper on the brick floor of our house? Sometimes she would invite the neighborhood children and the long corridor would be filled with large pieces of paper, crayons, paints, and such. It looked like a classroom. I think your Mom (Suzanne) loved to do this more than anything, except maybe ride her bike.” Nancy

To work through my rude awakenings in life I have always used paper, paint, and play to create and move my way out of the pain that I found in the world outside of my imagination. Because, inside of my mind is an incredible utopia of love, joy, and bewildering images. I believe in creating a life of beauty and peace.

I want to share my sensitive intuitive dreamy inner world with our outer world – that means YOU!

Here are some of the ways you can use paper, paint, and play to work with me:

  • Go See Art! Date
Do you wonder how you could ever learn to appreciate contemporary and modern art? AND not feel intimidated by how others seem to know how to view art. You can! I will go with you to a museum or gallery! Join me for a Go See Art! date. Learn more here. We spend the day viewing art together until you begin to feel confident in what you SEE before you! Use the contact page to hire me. By the way, I live in Southern California. I’ll need to get paid for expenses if you want me to visit your city. Just ask, I love to travel!
  • Drawing for Fun
Do you ever wish you could learn to draw from the heart but are too afraid because somewhere along the line you were told that you do not know how to draw? I can teach you to unleash your drawing desires. Join me in Drawing for the Fun Side of the Brain. I have learned from some of the best! I cannot wait to share all sorts of tips and tricks, for the love of drawing to your hearts desire.
So, you say you cannot draw a straight line, why not try?

So, you say you cannot draw a straight line, why not try?

  • Collage for Clarity
Do you KNOW that you have wonderful joyous ideas buried deep inside you, but your dreams are stuck behind other obligations and the daily ritual of living? I can help you uncover your dreams by awakening your imagination in Collage for Clarity. We take paper, play and the energy of the two to bring forth beautiful creations made by you just for you. Come and collage for clarity, you’ll be glad you did!
Sample collage from Collage for clarity class.

Sample collage from Collage for Clarity Class.

  • Buy My Art
Maybe you do not have time for classes and workshops, but you would love reminders in your home or workplace of a kinder, sweeter, and more gentle world. Purchase my art and display it as a reminder of your beautiful desires and glorious contributions. Maybe you’d like to commemorate a special event in your life with the gift of art. Visit my Galleries for prices and options, I ship anywhere! I make all my work with Paper, Paint and Play!
Paper, Paint, and Play a mini sketch by Suzanne.

Paper, Paint, and Play a mini sketch by Suzanne.

  • Join My Subscriber List
Is your life so full or complicated right now that taking a class and/or purchasing art is not in the cards for you? That’s ok! You can still stay in touch with what I do and all that I have to offer. Simply sign up for my Notes On Art: Interviews, Influences, and In The Studio musings. I will drop messages in your in-box on a regular basis. Hopefully I can inspire you to keep loving and living your wonderful life! I share moments of making and appreciating art so you can join me when you’re ready.

YES! Find play in your life!

Create when the mood strikes and play whenever possible. Cherish your abilities always!

Did you read all of this and you have a specific question for me? Please use the contact page for your inquiries or to arrange a studio visit. I check my in-box daily!


Nine 10 x 10 inch panels in progress in my studio! July 2013.

Nine 10 x 10 inch panels in progress in my studio! 2013.

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