Suzanne Gibbs, Symbol Writing (detail), Encaustic, paper, ink, collage and drawing on cradled panel. 10 x 10. $280

Art Made with Paper, Paint and Play

Welcome and thanks for visiting Suzanne Gibbs Studio. Suzanne is an artist who focuses on Painting, Mixed Media, Collage, and Encaustic, with a bit of drawing tossed into the mix.

My work is available from Apothecary Gallery until July 31, 2014. Please visit their web site and contact them to purchase work from my current Solo Show: Blemish, finding beauty and peace in upset and discomfort. Thank you.

Here is the reality: I am approaching 50. My kids are becoming more independent every day and empty nesting equals a chance to re-invent and re-imagine the second half of life! My motto is:

Create when the mood strikes and play whenever possible. Cherish my abilities always!

Goals for 2014, made public!

Update: Review 1/3 year on April 14, 2014.

  1. Putting 30 years of my art into other peoples hands! Over 100 paintings have moved into other people’s possession, see March Madness Giveaway.
  2. Sell more art so that I can keep doing the job I love!
  3. Complete a small book with illustrations: Conversation Starters for Couples. In progress, 20 pages written as of April 13, 2014.
  4. Enter work into at least 6 group shows. One group show recently opened in Santa Barbara.
  5. Sharing lovely art stories in my blog – written by others. In progress, 2 shared.
  6. Go See Art at least once each month. Oh goodness yes, I have been to The Getty Museum, CGU Art Galleries, Long Beach Museum of Art, LACMA, Hammer Museum, Fowler Museum, Glendale College Gallery, and more….
  7. Continue to keep a sketchbook and journal. Please see a recent blog post for samples. My goal for April is to sketch a little every day.
  8. Learn to meditate – even if it is only for 2 minutes a day! Oh, gosh you know what? This one is tough, but I did take a 8 day class through Happier that was a helpful launching point for me.
  9. Commit to a solo show in 2015. Write it down and make it happen, you have heard me say that before. I currently have a solo show hanging in Pomona, a show that was offered to me as a last minute event, and I jumped on the opportunity!

Suzanne Gibbs Studio maintains an inventory of completed works available for purchase, Please use the Galleries pages to browse.

Please use the contact page for inquiries or to arrange a studio visit.


Nine 10 x 10 inch panels in progress in my studio! July 2013.

Nine 10 x 10 inch panels in progress in my studio! 2013.

Don’t miss Notes On Art: Interviews, Influences, and In The Studio. A blog written and edited by Suzanne with the goal of enticing people to Go See Art.

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