Silly Girl, yep that’s me!

Listen To Me, drawing made in Illustrator using a Wacom Illustration pad. 20014. Suzanne Gibbs Studio


New things brewing over here in good ol’ Humboldt County California

A girls’ just gotta have fun! And that’s what I intend to do!

For years and years and years and years and years teachers and well-meaning friends have been telling me, “you’ve got to be serious about your art, or others won’t take your work seriously,” or this other comment I’ve heard from several teachers, “don’t tell your clients/customers/galleriests that your art is — play — they won’t take you seriously, or they won’t want to buy work from you….”

Ugh, no more!

I give up!

When I make art I feel silly, I play, I find joy, I am my best and most true self while creating, drawing, painting, writing, and thinking up zillions of fun projects! This deep truth is how Silly Girl was born.

I am still Suzanne Gibbs – ha ha, after all, it IS my name! However, you can expect to see “Silly Girl Art” show up on the work that I make. I want to put my art on cards, book markers, coloring books and postcards, fabric, gift wrap and maybe even pillows or tote bags, not sure yet, working on all these wonderful new ideas! I love wearing t-shirts, so I will make a few designs for Silly Girl t-shirts too, soon.

Tell me what you would like to see and buy!

As soon as I started to live like a Silly Girl each day good things started to come my way. I am in discussion with my writer-sister about illustrating a series of children’s books! We never talked about collaborating anytime before. Pst… I have a secret for you, even though my kids are grown, I still regularly read children’s books to myself, I love them. Children’s books are fun and silly and often full of truth.

I do plan on writing a second Conscious Curiosity book, but not for couples, this one will be for the self – learning how to consciously communicate with your own highest self. We all talk to ourselves inside our heads, I am just silly enough to admit that I do! I am excited and scared to write this one, but I’ve already started…Stay tuned!

My book of course will stay available here:

Conscious Curiosity: Communicating to Connect

Suzanne is the author and Illustrator of a self-published book called
Conscious Curiosity: Communicating to Connect. Available on Amazon.

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My Motto: Create when the mood strikes and play whenever possible. Cherish your abilities always! Be sillly!

Do you have a specific question for me? Please use the contact page for your inquiries or to arrange a studio visit. I check my in-box daily!

Cool, thanks for reading! Here is a testimonial from none other than my Mother:

“Did you know that when we lived in Mexico and Suzanne was about 6 years old, she used to paint and draw on paper on the brick floor of our house? Sometimes she would invite the neighborhood children and the long corridor would be filled with large pieces of paper, crayons, paints, and such. It looked like a classroom. I think Suzanne loved to do this more than anything, except maybe ride her bike.” Nancy, Suzanne’s Mom